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Fence Staining
We are proud to introduce our fence staining division!
East Georgia Fence is proud to say that we now have installers that specialize in wood fence staining and a stain product that is second to none!

By staining your fence you can not only change the look of your fence, but protect it against UV rays, which leads to the discoloring of your wooden fence. An added benefit of staining your wooden fence is to lower the mositure levels in the wood. By doing so, warping and splintering will be greatly reduced.

For older, preinstalled fences, a fresh staining will revitalize your current grayish wooden fence.

Why Stain

Why should you stain your fence?
Consider this. Wood fence is one of the most cost effective ways to secure your property. However, unlike the more expensive types of fence, PVC or ornamental steel and aluminum, wood fence does not have a protective coating and so it will fade out and lose its color unless protected. Our stain permeates through the wood and with paint shavings in the stain that provide a tint it protects the wood from uv rays and offers a realistic color that keeps the fence looking new for years to come. For more info about our stain, please visit Wood Defender.

Warranty Information
We offer two different types of oil-based stain. They are transparent and semi-transparent. These stains soak through the wood and not only protect the outside, but actually permeate throughout and protect your fence more thoroughly.

Transparent stain as minimal tint and will act as a glossing agent to keep a new fence looking new and offers a 2 year warrant and will typically last 3 years before reapplication is necessary.

Semi-transparent stain is made with more paint shavings and will provide more color or tint. This better protects your fence from uv rays and carries a 4 year warranty. This stain will typically last 6 years before reapplication is necessary.

We also offer an acrylic water-based stain that is required in communities such as River Island and Riverwood Plantation. This stain more similar to paint and carries a 2 year warranty. This stain typically needs to be reapplied after 3 years.
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